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Complete Laundry Service in Oakville

Royal Oak Custom Cleaners offers a full luxurious cleaning line. You bring your laundry and specialty items to us, and we make sure they are restored back to new-like condition, with our soft, fresh scented laundry products, and our friendly customer service.

Custom Laundry Solutions

Serving the Oakville area, Royal Oak Custom Cleaners is a unique service in the community because we offer custom laundry solutions. Whether you want to restore that second generation wedding gown, monogram a uniform, or just dry clean your favourite sweater, Royal Oak Custom Cleaners can work with you to achieve your laundry needs.
Royal Oak Custom Cleaners_Oakville_Ontario

Royal Oak Custom Cleaners l 1534 Queensbury Crescent, Oakville, ON L6H 4G5  l  Phone: 905-338-9695 |