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Some House Cleaning Hacks for the Home


Needless to say, cleaning is something all of us have to do, most of us, however, are not too happy about it.

I recently met with a very good friend of mine who is an owner of a cleaning business and these people know some serious tricks to making a dirty house look like a new home in no time.

Here are a few tips I’ll pass on to you about cleaning.

Air the place out, already!

Unless you have some sort of ventilation equipment in your house like a ‘heat recovery ventilator’ (HRV), it’s vital to open the windows routinely to get some new air to breeze through. Even though when energy conscious, you want to keep the house sealed up, ensure you have some sort of ventilation, regardless of temperatures outside. An HRV unit will actually recover some of the temperatures of the exhausting air and transfer it into the incoming air. Notwithstanding that, it’s always nice to open all the window when you actually cleaning, just to freshen the air and give it a fresh smell.

vinegerCleaning Dust – With A Vacuum Cleaner and Crevice / Brush Tools

Another tip that could be utilized as a part of each house is to vacuum everything, I mean EVERYTHING, curtains, baseboards, even ceilings, don’t just focus on the floors. Truth be told, you ought to vacuum your floors, rugs, your mattress, and even your couches and chairs very thoroughly to ensure that there is no dust or soiling in these areas.

In addition, more and more people are becoming hypersensitive or allergic to dust and indoor pollutants. It can be an exceptionally valuable task to vacuum your whole home on a regular basis. Truth be told, keeping your home clean will be beneficial whether you have allergy’s or not.

Using Vinegarlemon juice for cleaning

Keep in mind that you can clean your home without brand name chemicals and commercial cleaners. Actually, on the off chance that you are conscientious about using chemicals that may harm the environment, you could try using something truly natural and common found in your home already to clean with, for example, vinegar! Indeed, vinegar is equally as good or better for cleaning your home, especially windows, as it is considerably less toxic and harmful to your body and the environment.

Try Lemon Juice to Clean

You can even give some lemon juice a try for cleaning. If you’re really concerned with the health of your family and friends who come to visit, it’s probably the best solution to use natural cleaning solutions. This would also eliminate any possibility of small children getting into dangerous cleaning products stored in accessible locations. Better safe than sorry. So when you need to find a safe cleaning solution, there is a wealth of tips and home remedies out there to help you with ideas and methods that really work! You can even use baby oil to clean your stainless steel surfaces.

Cleaning Frequently

If you really would like to keep your home spic and span, develop a consistent cleaning schedule. If you let it go too long because you’re busy with life, hire a service to come in and do it for you, they can even send in a team and do a fill day thorough sweep from top to bottom.

It’s a much more practical method to simply ‘keep it clean’ than, letting thing build up to a point where the job looks overwhelming.