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What Do Commercial Cleaners Do?

The general term commercial cleaner is the term for a company or person that offers cleaning services to businesses like restaurants, bars, factories, shops, and offices.

Some commercial cleaning companies provide domestic cleaning services for residential homes as well.

example of clean office workspace

The cleaning services that are offered vary. However, most commercial cleaners have the staff and equipment to do everything ranging from emptying bins and dusting desks to window cleaning and industrial carpet cleaning.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Commercial Cleaner

1. Time

If you are running a busy business then you probably don’t have enough time to add on cleaning to your long lists of tasks. Most likely your staff is already employed for specific purposes and therefore they might not consider cleaning tasks to be part of their job responsibilities. It might also make more financial sense and be more productive to have your staff spend their time performing their professional jobs. When a commercial cleaner arrives at your business premises they will conduct all of the tasks in the contract. Cleaning will get done whether or not you are busy.

2. Cleaning Equipment

Most businesses have a broom, and perhaps a couple of dusters and maybe some spray glass cleaner. However, when you hire commercial office cleaners they show up to clean your office with everything that is needed to do their work. Depending on their contract and your premises that can include floor polishers, water fed poles to clean high windows, and industrial carpet cleaning machines.

3. Insurance

Reputable commercial cleaning companies are insured to work on your premises and use their own equipment. Is your staff insured for operating machinery?

4. Reliability

Commercial cleaning companies have many trained cleaners on their staff, and therefore they can complete cleaning according to your contract even when there is staff illness and during holiday times. If you have your own staff handling these tasks most likely it will end up of the bottom of the list of your tasks when you are short on staff when you are really busy or during holiday periods.

5. Business Premises Cleanliness

There are many important reasons to maintain a clean workplace. If you have a customer facing business, then it needs to be fresh and clean at all times. Otherwise, customers will not return. Also, your staff needs to have a clean environment to work in. If they work in a tidy and clean office they are much less likely to get sick and miss work and will most likely work harder as well.

Commercial Cleaner Services

Your professional commercial cleaning company is going to want to come out to your premises to discuss your requirements first and see what will need to be cleaned before they agree on the cost. Then they will draw up a custom contract for your business. When you are hiring a cleaner you need to consider everything you would like them to do. There are some businesses that might request a weekly floor and window clean and do everything else on their own, while others will want to have a detailed cleaning schedule follow where tasks such as the following are done:


Replenish toilet paper and towels and clean toilets
Dust all reception surfaces and desks
Remove rubbish from office bins
Clean all floors
Clean windows (outside and inside)


Clean microwave and refrigerator

Every 6 Months

Clean all carpets

Graffiti Cleaning

A majority of commercial cleaning companies also offer additional specialized services like gutter cleaning, after building works cleaning, graffiti removal, and end of tenancy deep cleaning services.

Make sure that whatever cleaning company you hire has experienced cleaners who have been background checked and vetted. Ask that the same clean be sent to clean your premises each week whenever possible so they get to learn exactly the way you like things to be done and so you can get to know them. Also, ask to be provided with a management contact so that you can speak to someone right away in case anything comes up that needs to be addressed.

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